Quality control of walnuts in ExpoNuts is organized in the following directions:

  1. Quality control of primary products (moisture, hardness, smoothness, absence of rotten, molten or deteriorated kernels, free of foreign smell and taste);
  2. Control of storage and processing conditions (absence of parasites, control of the mineral impurities level, etc.);
  3. The commercial quality control of walnuts prepared for the shipment (control of the quality, color, size and type of product in the consignment, its purity);
  4. Quality control of packaging (eco-friendliness, resistance, properties of packaging materials to ensure the safety of walnuts).

The quality of the walnut kernels and in shell walnuts is defined by the experts of the company in accordance with the State Standard of Ukraine and the European quality standards concerning the marketing and commercial quality control of walnuts: