We offer calibrated walnuts in shell and sorted by class, shape, color and size walnut kernels.

The walnut chopping is a necessary step before using this product. We are very attentively and carefully take care of the cleaning process of walnuts, because the final cost of the product will depend of this process. After chopping, the entire walnut kernels are sorted into categories: halves, quarters and eights. Individually under the order, we will prepare a batch of a mix of a walnut. For example, a combination of 40% halves and 60% quarter of the walnut kernel.


Walnuts ½

Kernels separated into two more or less equal and intact parts. Percent of halves in the consignment can vary from 70% to 90% based on the demands of the customer.


Walnuts ¼

Kernels separated lengthways into four more or less equal pieces. Percent of quarters in the consignment of this type is not less than 85%.



Big pieces making ⅛ of the walnut kernel.



A mixture of walnut kernels consisting of eighths, quarters, halves and other fractions. We form the proportion of each fraction in the mix in accordance with the requirements of the client.



Walnut with a thin light brown shell, easy to split.


Also in the process of sorting, the entire walnut kernels are sorted by color: extra, light, light amber and dark amber. Normally, for buyers, the extra and light halves are preferable.

Under the demands of our customers we form orders of any composition.