The calibrator is used to separate the total weight of unpeeled walnuts by calibers. Calibers can be accordingly up to 28, 28, 30, 32+. Working principle: a common reservoir is loaded by walnut, by rotating the calibration drum the full weight is divided by sizes and gets into the corresponding tank and then it is poured into a packaging bag.

Sorting tape is used to sort the total weight of the walnut. Usually the walnut falls first on a sorting tape. Tape is served manually, at the same time it employs up to 20 operators, who are selected from total mass waste and bad quality walnut (black, broken, rotten). At the output we get the needed quality walnut.

Walnut shelled in cardboard boxes and vacuumed. We prepare it for clients in every convenient form

That’s how looks our warehouse of finished products and the process of sending walnut for export